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My computer is currently playing ‘Dead.’ I have so many blog posts that are almost done; when I finally have the Time, Computer, and Energy, they shall burst forth from my brain-loins like an Octomommyblogger. Minus the mommy, and also the Octo.

Currently: I’m doing Auntie Mame research for a piece, reading ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King (surprisingly funny and helpful book for writers), devouring The New Yorker, writing a book review, and setting up an office space where my broken computer mocks me. So many projects, so little money for that laptop I desperately need. I’m also trying to learn the basic tenets of saying ‘NO,’ but I’m disabled in that arena. And how.

“Arrgh. The laws of science be a harsh mistress.” -Bender


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July 13, 2010 at 11:07 AM

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