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Nerds Need Learnin’, Too

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I’m going to be submitting to this through Harper Perennial’s weblog, The Olive Reader. You should, too!

There’s also this piece I pulled together for Thanks to everyone who contributed overheard quotes, as well as Scott + Sangster Incorporated for ably assisting me on D-Day, otherwise known as Sasquatch.

We attended an SCA event called Junefaire this weekend, and while this confirms I’m a nerd, I am new to this type of nerdiness. As a person who loves costuming, battle axes, and retail, this sort-of-like-a-Renaissance-Fair-but-don’t-ever-call-it-a-Renaissance-Fair was actually quite fun. Bought the monster a spear, spent time with good friends , wandered about aimlessly, and devoured barbecued spareribs. In the sun, even. I know you’re thinking, ‘Sun? But don’t you live in Seattle and isn’t it depressingly March-like in both weather and spirit?’ To which I reply that giant flaming ball in the sky gives you cancer, so yuk it up all you want, California.

So many things in life are out of my control, and I generally understand that. But if I were to make an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow, she might diagnose me with Temporary Control Freak Amnesia, wherein I must learn this lesson on a daily basis. It’s a terrible affliction, doing everything The Right Way, only to find out — day after day — that The Right Way was really just My Way, and it was based in self-delusion.

Damn you, learning.

It’s never the crap you learn about yourself — the real gritty shit, the stuff we don’t like, the things that make us grow and change — that people applaud you for. I can’t put ‘No longer dates abusive men’ or ‘Doesn’t abuse prescription drugs” or ‘Put on bathing suit 20 years after coming to terms with body issues’ on my résumé, even though it was decisions like these that led me to a more balanced, happier life; a life with an awesome partner, no prescription drugs (except for that rampant killer, Tylenol!), and a short stint in a bathing suit that seriously changed my perspective.

I think the next résumé I send out should be bathing suit-shaped.


Written by sn0tteh

June 8, 2010 at 6:03 PM

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  1. Ach, I already screwed it up! I wrote a letter to Camus, pleading that he spend more time with his wife than with his publicist. Now I need to think of someone fictional…


    June 10, 2010 at 12:25 AM

  2. I believe in you, Mark.


    June 11, 2010 at 6:58 AM

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