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The Adults In the Room

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This movie announcement has been approved by: Yours Truly.

Go check out the movie my friend Phoebe has been working on, by Portland director Andy Blubaugh, called The Adults In the Room.

This tiny budget feature film is going to festivals and getting great press. However, like anyone in the creative world, they need a little funding to wrap it up. This is the cool part: they’re doing it through Kickstarter.

I love this idea. Kickstarter is a pay-it-forward website that’s more realistic crowd-funding and less Hayley Joel Osment. It basically works like this: What if we all put in $25 (or even just $5) a pop to make my movie, then your movie, then her movie? Well, then we’d all get to make movies! If you just like to watch movies, take it to the next level and invest in one cheaply! I’ve always wanted to say I was funding a movie.

The idea is to have lots and lots of backers at smaller levels than the typical investor model. They only have 16 days left to go, as Kickstarter sets a time limit. This is an all-or-nothing campaign where people pledge to support the film, but if they don’t meet the goal, then funding is canceled.

You can view their Kickstarter page here.

They are halfway to their goal. Take a look, have a listen. This film represents the efforts of many peeps; support those efforts and learn more about the movie, become a fan on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or donate to their Kickstarter page.


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April 29, 2010 at 2:17 PM

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