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Dish-Doing Drama

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I make myself cry while I’m doing the dishes at home.  But why?

1.  Dishes fucking suck.

2.  Crying sucks, too.

3.  Might as well multi-task and do them together.

4.  We have no dishwasher – you’d cry, too.

5.  It’s so very satisfying.

I don’t have time to do dishes, nor do I have the luxury of sitting down to cry – so I figured, why not do them together?  Then it’s a bit more proactive – a conscious act – and not a wasted weepfest based on some victimized bullshit drama I came up with in my down time (as though ‘down time’ exists in my world).   I generally think about sad things, allow myself to imagine the worst possible scenarios, listen to The Cocteau Twins or The Smiths, grab my Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, and weep the hour away.  It’s actually quite nice, because when I’m done with the dishes – and with the sobbing – my kitchen is clean and I feel much, much better.  It’s probably the healthiest system I have ever put into place.

That being said, I look like a total idiot while doing the dishes.  Runny nose, puffy eyes, fat crocodile tears fighting each other to make it to my double-chin first… I’m pathetic in my patheticism.  I’m only sharing this today because I’m avoiding doing my dishes, and I need to remember why it’s so great to do them in the first place (cleanliness? godliness? boooring).  There’s a reward at the end, but today, I just don’t want it;  I want sun, a bag of cash, an eyebrow wax, and dinner in an actual restaurant.  My heart desires all of the things I cannot have, constantly.  It’s an exercise in futility, but also very intoxicating, obsessing over all the things I miss or need.  I cling to hope and fantasy:   hoping for the best, but inevitably getting Reality (which is where Fantasy takes over).   And really, I have all I need right now, I guess.  LE SIGH.   Oh good, now I’m getting sad – off to do the dishes with sob-worthy gusto.


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February 25, 2009 at 9:30 PM

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  1. Your way of thinking is amazing. Super.

    Nigel Tomm

    February 25, 2009 at 9:33 PM

  2. I’m totally going to try your idea of multi-tasking next time I find the dishes piling up. Brilliant!

  3. Thanks! Your way of having a video blog is pretty super, too. 🙂


    February 26, 2009 at 5:09 AM

  4. Plus, you’re preggers – crying should be a no-brainer for you by now. 🙂 Barefoot and in the kitchen, doing dishes and crying, LOL.


    February 26, 2009 at 5:10 AM

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