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Photo: Coming to an opium den near you.

Eek! W00t! Squee!

Neko Case and M. Ward are on the Bumbershoot line-up this year; of course I’ll be going to see them. But the greatest, most surprising headliner there this year:


When I lived (heh, “lived”) in Ballard with my two best friends–age 19 or so–I consumed as much Stone Temple Pilots as I did Boone’s (peach-flavored). I still know all the words to That One album (Tiny Music…Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop); I know every guitar nuance, every riff. I don’t care if it was good or not–I consider them ‘college music’, meaning I haven’t listened to them since–but I am going to that show.

It will be my first “wistful” show, the kind that brings back memories of youth and stupidity. I’ll probably just feel old and be surrounded by 14-year old girls talking about how vintage the band is. I can’t wait! (How much do you want to bet me that it’s canceled due to Scott Weiland’s heroin addiction? Hopefully not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.) STP!


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April 10, 2008 at 5:56 PM

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  1. Ah, peach-flavored Boone’s. And STP. Is it time for the ’90s revival already? That was sure fast.


    April 11, 2008 at 4:08 AM

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